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Junior Development Program

Junior Development Track

We have clinics for players ages 4-18 of all skill levels. Whether you are trying to get on a high school team, trying out for college, or just starting to learn tennis, we have a clinic to help you get there. After working with thousands of junior players over the years, we have developed two unique tracks to help you reach your goals. Please speak with one of our tennis professionals to determine which track and level is right for you.


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Orange Level                   Green Level            Yellow Level             Blue Level              Silver Level              Gold Level
                    Red Level            Orange Level           Green Level            Yellow Level             Blue Level              Silver Level              Gold Level

Recommended for ages 4-5

Work on hand eye coordination, balance and footwork. Begin to use racquets.

Recommended for ages 5-8

Develop hand-eye coordination, agility, balance and ball skills. Play on a smaller court with slower moving tennis balls.

Recommended for ages 7 - 11

Play on a modified 60 foot court, using soft orange dot tennis balls in a fun and active


       Ball Skills                 

Recommended for ages 9 - 12

Focus on developing strokes and strategy. Play on regular sized court with green dot balls. 

Recommended for ages 10+ 

Use all strokes, maintain a baseline rally, and keep score. Focus will be on spin, consistency, and control.

Recommended for ages 10+ 

Focus on footwork consistency, groundstroke rallying and serving from the baseline.

Recommended for ages 12+ 

For skilled competitive players focusing on footwork and execution of all strokes with direction, power and a variety of spins in preparation for USTA ranking tournaments.

Recommended for ages 13+ 

For high performance players focused on tournaments and rankings, skill and game style refinement, footwork, power, touch and mental aspects of the game.

Junior Programs
Junior Team Tennis

USTA organized Junior Team Tennis is often compared to Little League Baseball, as the program offers junior players the opportunity to enjoy tennis while developing their individual and team tennis skills in a fun, yet competitive atmosphere. We have teams for juniors of all ages and levels of play. There is a league for each season with winners advancing to sectional and national championships.

$15 - $25 per match

Junior Programs
Junior Match Play

Not ready for team tennis just yet? Join our junior match play events and use the skills you have learned in your lessons and clinics. These events are designed to provide match play and prepare you for Junior Team Tennis and other competitions.

Private Lessons
Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available by the hour or half-hour. You and your teaching professional will arrange your schedule together.

30 Minute Rate $50 - $68

One Hour Rate $100 - $135

10 and Under
Red Orange Green Tennis

Tennis is a sport that gets kids moving, improves balance, agility and hand-eye coordination, and can teach self-confidence and self-assurance. Your child will enjoy playing with balls that bounce lower and move slower through the air, making them easier to hit. Racquets are sized for small hands, making them easier to grip and swing. Our courts are smaller, so kids can cover them and have more success when they play.

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High Performance Tennis

What is the High Performance program?

  • Holistic training including:

    • In-depth stroke analysis​

    • Tennis specific physical fitness

    • Mental and tactical training 

    • Tournament and match prep

    • Squad practice and training

  • Selection based program to guarantee you train with like-minded players at your level

  • Teaching tennis using the Great Base Philosophy

  • Player development plan

  • Parent education and guidance on competitive tennis

This program is right for you if:

  • You are a 12 and Under player

  • You want to play competitive tennis

  • You compete in team and USTA tournament events

  • Tennis is one of your primary sports

  • You are committed to training 2-3 times per week

Call 610.265.3677 or email to schedule.


Junior Fitness
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