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  • Natalie Martin

Indoor vs. Outdoor Tennis: Which Is Better This Time of Year?

The leaves are changing, the sun is setting earlier and the weather is getting chillier. However, a tennis player still has the luxury of playing both inside or outside. One may ask, “Is there even a difference?” or “What’s the big deal between playing inside or outside, am I not playing the exact same game?” We would argue playing indoor vs. outdoor is quite different and the body may need time to adjust to the change. Yes, the principle of hitting the yellow ball over a net is the same, but each type of game warrants its own pros and cons.


Sun and wind play a factor in your game. Indoors, you can expect the same wind speed (or lack there of) and amount of light each time you play. On the other hand, while being outdoors the amount of wind can affect the ball a lot, same with the sun. For example, when you go to serve, the sun could be shining right in your eyes making it hard for you to see the movement of the ball.


Playing outdoors’ factors such as wind or moisture can affect the speed of the game. A player will have to adapt to a slower game play due to these conditions. The strategies a player uses will differ between indoors and outdoors. For instance, a player with a heavy forehand would preform better indoors and the volley strategy will perform better outdoors.

Physical Strain:

Fatigue, another element, will set in quicker for a player on outdoor courts. The sun can drain a player’s energy levels significantly. The sun obviously cannot affect a player playing on indoor courts. Staying hydrated and carrying sunscreen with you is a great way to stay on top of your game.

Now, the setting a player prefers is completely up to them. Some players thrive in outdoor settings while others prefer indoors. The biggest reason outdoor is vastly different is because you have the different elements to prepare for. A player could face wind, the sun in their eyes or even a shadow on the court. All these elements add different challenges to the game. Plus, with the day becoming much shorter you would need to play between about 7am and 7pm. By moving indoors you can play from club open to close, at Gulph Mills that’s 5:30am to 11pm!

If you are ready to move inside, fall is the perfect time to secure your contract court time or book your preferred lesson times for the busy indoor season.

Let us know which is your favorite type of game play! See you on the court.

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