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How To Register For A USTA Tournament

Many parents have been asking us about registering for tennis tournaments. This can be a confusing process. The following eight steps will show you how to register for a USTA tournament.

Step 1: Go to click on the top right hand corner at “Find Your Section”


Step2: A map will appear, click on “USTA Middle States” #3 on the map.

tennis 1.png

Step 3: Click on the bottom left “Youth/Junior Tennis”

tennis 2.png

Step 4: Click on the bottom right “Junior Tournaments”

tennis 3.png

Step 5: Click “View All Junior Tournaments”

tennis 4.png

Step 6: This will take you to all tournaments in USTA Middle States. You can search tournaments by Month.

tennis 5.png

Step 7: Each tournament will have a description. Example: Image below this tournament is labeled “FRLC” a first round losers consolation tournament. All the basic information will be located here.

Type of tournaments:

  • SR or Sectional Ranking is the highest designation (strongest players), draw sizes are usually limited to a smaller number (either 16 or 32 players) and the players are selected by ranking

  • DL or District Level tournaments are weaker players, draws can be larger, tournament director has more freedom and levity, usually all players get in

  • 10 and under have ball designations and court size designations based on age of players

*People should check this information out carefully as sometimes they may register for an event too strong or too week for their own level of play or their child's level of play.

tennis 6.png

Step 8: When you click the tournament you are interested in, you will be taken to a new link that will provide all the information needed. You can then register for the tournament by clicking “Register Now”

tennis 7.png

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