Meet Nic Dorfling: Gulph Mills New Pro

Meet Nic, the newest Tennis Pro to come on board at the Gulph Mills Tennis Club. In fact, some of our club members may even remember him - He actually was a part of the JKST team back in 2011. He gave lessons at both Narberth & Gulph Mills clubs back then and taught at JKCP over the summer until 2015 when he took some time to travel and pursue opportunities to improve his competitive play (Singles, Doubles and Paddle Tennis). He has competed annually in the Connecticut Open, was Main Draw in 2015 CT Shoreline Men’s APTA Championship, Main Draw in 2014 Average Joe APTA Tournament and many others in Canada, Africa and the US. Now that he is back in the area he looks to continue to train & compete and is looking to be a World Team hopeful most likely in 2019 in either singles or doubles.

“As a coach I feel like keeping myself competition ready, both physically and mentally, helps my clients to better relate to the lessons I am teaching them on the court,” said Nic “If they know I am competing they know what I am teaching them is not only effective, but also relevant.”

Nic hails from South Africa and understands Xhosa, a language that is native to a region in the Eastern Cape. In fact when you see Nic ask to hear something in this dialect, maybe even a song – it’s unique and beautiful to hear! He is fluent in two other languages, English and Afrikaans.

Nic was always athletic and enjoyed sports, but learned to play tennis from his father, who is also professional tennis player and coach, when he was just 3 years old. Nic grew up watching & helping his father coach tennis players, two of which were ranked #1 in the world for Doubles Tennis. Both his mother and father were athletes outside of just tennis. His father competed in decathlon; he was a South African title holder. His mother was a provincial athlete and represented her province in netball and basketball and this love of an active lifestyle was definitely passed down to Nic. He grew up enjoying other sports such as cricket, football, and of course credits his father for helping him develop his passion for tennis. It was while playing and teaching tennis in South Africa back in 2011 he met Julian Krinsky and the rest is now history.

We are so happy he has moved back to the King of Prussia area with Sheila, who is a Savannah - an exotic African cat, and his pride and joy. He even walks her on a leash and has her running on her own treadmill, because he believes everyone should be active. No kidding, check his Instagram for video!

Nic loves to compete and believes that tennis will change a person’s life forever. His favorite part of coaching is the ability to mold a player from beginner to pro level. Growing up his favorite players to watch were Pete Sampras and Stefan Edberg. His favorite part of his game is his backhand, but the best of part of his game is his serve thanks to his height. Nic has clients ranging in age from 3 ½ years old to 86 years old and in between. He loves to play with a range of ages in one day, because it challenges him as a teacher to play and teach in different ways.

Nic’s schedule is flexible, since he’s been back in the area, and he would love to connect with new clients & players who are looking for a coach. Stop into the Gulph Mills Tennis Club and chat with Nic about starting lessons or signing up for a clinic with you & your friends today!

Call the club at 610.265.3677 or email

and ask about Nic's availability today.

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