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A Few of My Favorite Things

When it comes to doubles, there are 10 things that come to mind as my favorites.

  1. One good angle deserves another

  2. Down the middle solves the riddle

  3. Need to lob? Better be high and deep

  4. First serve in. Period.

  5. Get return of serve over and in and cross court. Period.

  6. A bad game plan is better than no game plan.

  7. Recover to your home base

  8. Find your opponent’s feet.

  9. Hitting to the open court is good, but sometimes hitting at your opponent is also good.

  10. If you’re on the baseline, there are no winners. If you are on the service line, you are approaching the net so still no winners. If you are at net you could have a chance for a winner, a better chance than the baseline.

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