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  • Natalie Martin

JKCP Takes On 10 And Under Tennis

The staff at JKST gets many questions about our 10 and Under Tennis Program. Most questions fall along the lines of “what should my child expect?” We seriously don’t want to give off the impression that your small child will be playing like Serena Williams after their first few lessons. Tennis can be an intimidating sport for someone who is smaller and younger. This is why the 10 and Under Tennis Program was invented! We use smaller and softer balls, smaller racquets and even a smaller court. Everything is now “fun-sized.” Also, lessons aren’t just rigorous tennis matches either. Our tennis pros host many exciting and interactive-learning games that focus on building foundational skills for the game.

The full-time staff decided that taking a 10 and Under Tennis lesson would be the best way for us to fully answer all parent questions (but mainly, we just wanted to act like children again). During this lesson, we played the same games a 10 and Under player would. Trust us, these games are incredibly engaging and even a bit challenging. Some of us (I won’t name names) were even a bit out of breath by the end!

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