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  • Natalie Martin

“I’ll Start Tomorrow” – The Lie We Tell Ourselves Every Day

How many times have you promised yourself “seriously, I’ll start tomorrow”, whether you’re starting a new diet, workout routine, or a major lifestyle change? However, when tomorrow comes what are the chances you’ll actually start? Sorry if we hit a sore spot, but let’s be real, chances are slim to none. Now, this isn’t because you’re unmotivated or lazy, the truth of the matter is that you’re just overwhelmed.

A factor that contributes to the “I’ll start tomorrow” lie is the element of intimidation. It’s tough mustering up enough courage to walk through the doors of an unknown place. Let’s take a fitness club for example; going to the gym for the first time is completely unnerving. You have no idea what kind of alternate universe you’re about to take part in. Is there going to be extremely muscular individuals warming up with what you max out on? Is it going to be so crowded you can’t even find the squat rack? No one likes walking into a situation they have no control over.

The “intimidation factor” is something we actively try to overcome at JKST. Overall, the sport of tennis can get a bad reputation. Most people envision snooty, well-advanced players wearing their most stylish tennis outfits. However, at JKST we couldn’t be farther from that! Our facility thrives on a community atmosphere. For example, to make the sport a bit more digestible we have different skill levels for any player. Think you’re too young/old to start playing? Think again. JKST has created a program so that a toddler up through a senior citizen can play. Nervous to where you’d fit in? We evaluate each player before placing him or her into a skill level.

We try to get to know you on a personal level. A good example is our front desk staff. Need a hair tie? We got you covered! Want to just vent about life? We’re all ears. We offer a multitude of opportunities for you to meet new people or to hone in on your skill. For instance, we have round robin match play, leagues and social events held monthly.

We are truly a family at JKST and we want you to be a part of it. Take a leap of faith and just walk through that door. Trust us, it can only get easier from here! If not now, then when?

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