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  • Natalie Martin

What You Need for 10 & Under Tennis

Enrolling your child for 10 and Under Tennis at Julian Krinsky School of Tennis? It may get overwhelming researching what type of equipment your child will need. You’ll find yourself wandering through sporting goods stores aimlessly thinking, “Should I get this 19 inch tennis racquet with flames down the handle…or the 27 inch hot pink one with glitter?” Don’t sweat it! There are few things a tennis player needs, however each item is vital to the game. Making sure your child is prepared will only promote success in the long run. Keep reading for a list of must-haves to have your child succeed!

1. Tennis Racquet

This piece of equipment should be a no brainer because you cannot play the sport without one. Contrary to beginners’ belief, racquets are not one-size-fits all. JKST suggests that a player come in and have a complimentary personalized custom fitting with a professional. This avoids possible injury to the arm, elbow and shoulder. If the player does not have a racquet previously to starting, we suggest not bringing one all together. JKST will loan the beginner a racquet suited for him or her. Once the player decides if tennis is a sport for them, racquets can be purchases in the JKST store for a discounted price.

2. Shoes

If you’re a beginner, JKST suggests wearing comfortable, non-marking sneakers. We want our players to be relaxed when learning this new sport. There is no need to spend a ton of money on tennis shoes if a player is just beginning. JKST store sells tennis shoes as well and a professional can help with your selection.

3. Proper Attire

Here at JKST, we do not have a mandated uniform. We suggest casual and breathable sport clothing such as a t-shirt and athletic pants or shorts. Any type of constricting clothing is not recommended.

4. Water bottle

It can get hot out on the courts and JKST wants to make sure every player is well hydrated. This is critical in any sport. We have numerous water fountains around the courts to promote hydration.

5. Positive Attitude & Open Mind

This is the most crucial “item” to bring. JKST wants every player to have a clear mind when stepping onto the courts. Trust us, the player will get the most out of this sport if they bring a positive attitude each and every time. Tennis is an awesome sport that promotes health, positive self-esteem, and confidence.

That’s it! So, don’t let equipment get in the way of getting on the court and having fun. Still looking to sign up? Take advantage of one free 10 and Under Tennis lesson! Click here to redeem your lesson!

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