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Adult Programs

Program Overview

The Gulph Mills JKST Adult Tennis Program is ideal for individuals aiming to elevate their USTA or recreational league performance.

Embracing the same principles that guide our junior high-performance players, our programming at Gulph Mills JKST emphasizes qualities such as diligence, intense practice, and a strong focus on footwork.


Our professionals are equipped to provide comprehensive coaching across various aspects of the game, encompassing:

  • Skillful Singles and Doubles Play

  • Perfecting Proper Technique

  • Enhancing Fitness

  • Mastering Footwork Techniques

  • Crafting Effective Strategies


Irrespective of your current skill level, the Gulph Mills JKST Adult Tennis Program offers an enriching tennis program. Join us and witness the transformation of your game through our dedicated coaching and immersive approach.


Undoubtedly, private lessons stand as the optimal selection for adults seeking to learn at their individual rhythm and receive extensive one-on-one guidance. Through private tennis lessons, you gain the opportunity to refine new skills under the guidance of a personal instructor, ensuring both skill enhancement and an enjoyable learning. experience. This personalized approach accelerates the progress of your game, providing a swift path to improvement.


Private Lessons are available by the hour or half-hour. You and your teaching professional will arrange your schedule together.

30 Minute Rate $52 - $70

One Hour Rate $102 - $140


Perfect for tennis beginners, this level offers fundamental instruction in serves, forehands, backhands, volleys, and overheads. We focus on building strong foundational techniques for confident rallying and point play. Using orange and green balls adds fun and accelerates learning.


Geared towards players with a NTRP rating of 4.0 and above, our program sharpens your skills at the highest level. Tailored for experienced players, it refines abilities and advances gameplay. Engage in advanced drills and tactics to stay at the pinnacle of your game.

For players with a 3.5+ NTRP rating

Low Intermediate

Designed for those with some court experience, our intermediate level focuses on refining technique and adding versatility to your style. Expect to explore movement dynamics, strategic point construction, and different spins. Through drills and engaging matches, you'll apply these techniques, leading to an overall improved performance on the court.


Kudos on advancing to the accomplished level! Now, we'll enhance footwork and master strokes. We'll emphasize point building, positioning, and strategies. For those seeking competition or skill betterment, this level boosts your game significantly.

For players with a 3.5+ NTRP rating

​For players with a 2.5 -3.0 NTRP rating

For players with a 1.0 -2.0 NTRP rating

Irrespective of your proficiency, we offer classes aligned with your needs and aspirations. Our committed instructors are here to lead you through your tennis journey, aiding you in reaching your court potential. Let's play and progress as a team!

Outdoor Tennis Court

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a dynamic and engaging group fitness program that combines traditional tennis drills with cardiovascular exercise. It is designed to provide a high-energy, calorie-burning workout while also incorporating tennis skills and gameplay. The primary focus of Cardio Tennis is on getting participants moving, increasing their heart rate, and improving overall fitness levels, all within a tennis-themed setting.

Leagues and Match Play

Adult Round Robins

Want to play with new faces? Experience our level-based round robin events and connect with fellow players in an enjoyable and social setting. Our club hosts various round robin events throughout the regular season. These sessions are led by our tennis professionals, offering strategy tips and match rotations. Tennis balls and refreshments are provided.

  • $20 per day for members / $25 per day for non-members​​

    • Saturdays 7:00 - 9:00pm(select Saturdays)

    • Sundays 7:00 - 9:00am

Women’s Del-Tri Doubles League at the Gulp Mills Tennis Club

The premier Suburban Deltri Women's Interclub Tennis League offers a top-notch indoor tennis experience centered on team dynamics. Spanning from early October to March, this league involves 14 esteemed tennis clubs across Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware counties. The league specializes in doubles play and features six competitive divisions, catering to players of varying levels. These divisions range from low intermediates to nationally ranked 5.0 advanced players.Tryouts for all teams are held in April and May. Matches are scheduled from October to the middle of March. We recommend all league players combine their matches with weekly practice sessions run by the teaching professionals at JKST.

Del Tri Doubles League:
  • $18 per match

    • Friday 9:30am-3:30pm

    • Includes travel to other clubs

Del Tri Team Practices:

Gulph Mills JKST is proud to host multiple teams across various leagues including Deltri, USTA, Tri Level, and Owners. Our facility offers scheduled team practices based on skill levels, and we're also flexible to arrange practices for your team at your preferred times.


Ladies' tennis team practices are not only about skill enhancement but also about creating a supportive and encouraging environment where players can work together to achieve their goals. These sessions play a crucial role in building a cohesive team and enabling each member to contribute effectively during competitive play.

  • Skill Development: 

  • Strategy and Tactics:

  • Match Simulations: 

  • Team Bonding

  • Preparation for Matches

  • Feedback and Improvement:


USTA Women's and Mixed Doubles Teams

Play in the most popular tennis league in the US with more than 300,000 players nationwide. You’ll start playing locally throughout fall and winter. Then, winning teams will have a chance to advance to the national tournament.


For players with a 3.0 - 4.5 NTRP rating.

Owners’ League at the Gulph Mills Tennis Club

Join the advanced inter-club league for both Men’s and Women’s doubles.Play every Sunday with the league’s top players and pros.


For players with a 4.0 – 5.0 NTRP rating.
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