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Adult Tennis Clinics for Indoor Tennis

Adult Clinics




Adult Indoor tennis Clinics at JKST

About Adult Clinics

JKST offers adult tennis players a chance to learn new skills in a group setting.


Join the Perfect Clinic

We have clinics for all abilites, tennis skill levels, and goals.  Whether you are brand new to tennis, want to spice up your typical tennis routine, or just want to get in a different kind of cardio routine, we have got the clinic for you!


Professional Placement

For anyone new to JKST, you can meet with one of our certified tennis professionals and they will evaluate your level and find you the right clinic. The club may require a play test with a professional for placement. We ask that you please respect the tennis professional’s evaluation in matching you with other players. See below for just a few of our available clinics.

Adult Orange

  • Looking for a new sport? Learn tennis with other beginners

  • Learn the basics

  • Raquets and balls provided

  • $150 for 6 weeks; $75 rebate for brand new players. Must be paid in advance

  • Sign up can be done at the front desk or by filling out the above registration form and bringing it in

  • Call for schedule and availability

Adult Green

  • Develop additional technique and variety to the game

  • Introduction of movement, point construction and various spins

  • Apply technique and tactics incorporated with drills and games in singles and double match play

  • $270 for 6 weeks. Must be paid in advance.

  • Call for schedule and availability

 Adult Yellow

  • Recommended NTRP Level 3.5+

  • Focuses on proper technique, footwork, consistency and court awareness

  • Demonstrate proper form for all strokes with a live ball

  • Develop the ability to play matches with etiquette and sportsmanship

  • $270 for 6 weeks. Must be paid in advance.

  • Call for schedule and availability


 Cardio Tennis

  • Continuously elevated heart rate ensures aerobic training while playing tennis

  • Short cycles of high intensity workouts and periods of rest like interval training 

  • Improve game by hitting hundreds of balls each session

  • Special Rate: $20/clinic

  • Limited availability.  Call or visit front desk for more information

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